Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK

Are you looking for a stimulating, unique and extraordinary experience with friends or family? From early morning to evening, Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK offers you a most rewarding, reassuring and challenging outdoor experience! The numerous and diversified proposed courses are adapted to suit everyone's ability level. Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK: a dream location - at par with your expectations!

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  • The concept

    Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK proposes a sporting experience where you will enjoy, during your day or night excursions, all kinds of thrilling sensations. Challenge yourself, cross trees to trees tied to a cable, let yourself slide on a series of zip lines, enjoy the extraordinary experience of walking on a tightrope, crossing suspension bridges and much more! Our site includes five (5) courses and two (2) demonstration areas, for a total of about sixty (60) games. The duration of the activity is approximately 120 minutes.

  • Environnement

    Practicing an activity in the heart of the wilderness will allow you to benefit from all the beauties Mother Nature has to offers. The site of Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK is located at Station Mont-Tremblant, as well as at Mont-Tremblant National Park. This park is an important wooded area that truly reflects the essences of the Québec nature. Consequently, it is important to respect such a richness that is offered to us!

    Physical and psychological benefits

    The practice of a sport activity offers numerous physical and psychological benefits. Adopt a healthy way of life by practicing a physical activity in direct contact with nature. Choosing Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK to practice a sport activity will enable you to workout in a healthy, stimulating and secure environment!

    Physical advantages :

    • - Increases the level of energy and endurance
    • - Decreases the risk of developing certain illnesses
    • - Contributes to weight loss
    • - Helps to sleep better
    • - Because physical activity stimulates the production of endorphin in the brain, it is a powerful antidepressant
    • - Stimulates youngsters to practice sports

    Psychological advantages :

    • - Develops creativity and imagination
    • - Develops numerous aptitudes
    • - Favours surpassing of oneself
    • - Allows fulfillment and pride of accomplishments
    • - Provides a joy of life
    • - Increases self-esteem and confidence