Our excursions

Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK proposes various secure excursions, adapted to all age levels of fitness and competence of participants. As you explore our various courses, you will have the leisure to try multiple Zip Lines, the board bridges, the log bridges, the Himalayan board bridges, or the cracked board bridges, the net bridges, the classic “Parrot ladder”, the Nepalese bridge or the liana bridge, the crossing with vertical net, the caterpillar and suspended barrels. There are five proposed courses, among which 4 are for adults (between 6 and 15 games per course) and a course for children.

  • Le Nansen Et Le Johannsen

    These two small courses, each including six beginner’s level activities, are ideal to introduce the participants to the aerial hebertism concept.

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  • Le géant

    Considered as being an intermediate level course, it was designed especially for all of you, speed and height lovers.

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  • Le Diable

    Once you are ready to overcome the challenges, this advanced level course will allow you to test your physical abilities

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  • Le Petit Manitou

    Located at the base of our site, this 10 games obstacle course will allow children (min. height of 1,10 meter) to play while developing their physical aptitudes.

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  • Because Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK respects the history of the region, it is not surprising that the name of the proposed courses refers to it. In fact, you will notice the names Nansen, Johannsen, the Géant or the Diable as being the name of a cottage, a golf course and even a ski slope! Will you be able to remember them and to spot them?

    Akropark for children : Akropark for children : even small children (typically between 5 and 8 years old) measuring more than 110cm or 3’6" can participate in a fun & challenging activity. Located at the base of the mountain, a few minutes walk to the Mont-Tremblant AKROPARK, it is possible to have them live an emotional moment! They will have to demonstrate their ability to cross suspension bridges while pushing the sand bags blocking the way, by crossing on a vertical net, and much more! Adapted for small children, the Akropark costs approximately $10. (GST, QST & AVT not included).